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Pokémon Sales!

Currently closed.

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Xiaolin Showdown Cards for Sale!

The game doesn't seem to have ever caught on, which is a shame since the cards are beautiful. For that reason, Wudai Warriors cards are harder to come across. I managed to gather a complete first set; however, I am missing one Wudai Warriors premium card, the Cactus Thunderbolt. If you have it, let me know! I am open to buying it or trading for it.

Anyway! I have many hundreds of cards to sell! I have only had time to count a little over a thousand of them. As a result, if a card appears unavailable on my spreadsheets, ask anyway and I can check among the uncounted pile for you!

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Change of username!

I have changed my username earlier this week and I'm super happy! I much prefer this one over my previous one, cyborgsushi. I'll need to update my LJ shop's name though ^^;

Here's hoping my pkmncollectors feedback gets transferred to my new username soon!
Okay, I'm back home, and I'm bringing updates as to what I've been up to during the last few days of my trip. I'll upload photos as soon as possible!

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There's not much to say after that... on the 12th our plane took off at 11:20 and we arrived in Montréal about 5 hours later. I'm exhausted, and have like 80 unread emails in my inbox!


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Day 7:
Slowly heading towards Las Vegas.


I bring updates!

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Day 5 : Heading to Petrified Forest, try to pass by Route 66, head back to Flagstaff.


This is what I've been up to these last two days. Note that I might not be able to update in the near future as not all hotels offer computers with Internet (or computers period). I found the only one available in this here hotel and thought I'd use the opportunity to update. Sorry there aren't any pictures, the computer doesn't want to recognize my SD card. I promise I will share my photos with you as quickly as possible.

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More updates coming when I can log on!


Arizona, baby!

Hi guys!


Finally! I thought I’d never get a break. School’s really horrible this semester...


Anyway! I’ll be away from March 4th to March 12th. Going on a trip to Arizona :) Don’t worry, fellow Gorillaz fans, I preordered my copy of Plastic Beach back in January. Thank you, ebay.


So don't panic if I don’t reply to you right away. I’ll try to find places where they have computers with Internet, so I can tell you about my trip and maybe send photos if possible. If not, I'll send photos and all when I get back.

That is all. End of transmission.



Oh my friggin' God, guys! Fellow Gorillaz fans, go check out gorillaz.com!! Like, now!!

32 days remaining until... Um, I guess the release of their brand new website! Ooooh I'm so excited!!! And I'm curious about that map that traces a path from England to a spot in the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Africa. Oh I can't take all this mystery! And everything's happening all at once... I can't contain my excitement!!


Randomness! (Because We All Enjoy It)

I saw this on Youtube a couple of days ago, and it’s so hilarious I just have to share it with you guys.

This comes from the sixth episode of season 4 of Family Guy. Here's the National Geographic Special on... firetrucks.